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By leveraging user feedback, data-driven insights, and A/B testing, we help you achieve the best web design that seamlessly guides users through every sales funnel stage. Our comprehensive website tuning service goes beyond traditional marketing techniques, allowing you to run controlled experiments, accelerate analytics, and harness the power of precise data for more cost-effective results.
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Unlock the Power of Conversion Rate Optimization

Your website must support robust A/B testing capabilities and offer flexibility to implement iterative updates to propel prospects through the sales funnel. Our experts scientifically measure results by randomly showing users different themes, functionalities, and content variations while our advanced marketing analytics collects and reports on the outcomes. We ensure your website evolves based on real-world data to enhance the user experience and drive more sales.

Achieve Platform Agility for Optimal Results

Agility is vital to applying modifications cost-effectively. Our approach emphasizes having complete control over the plugins, website theme, and underlying infrastructure to avoid limitations imposed by generic solutions. We ensure your website operates flawlessly across browsers by addressing common issues such as HTML errors and maintaining clean code. Our quality management program prevents most defects from happening in the first place the proactively identifies and removes the residual challenges before they escalate into significant setbacks.
Image showing the plan, deploy, and measure cycle used to boost conversion rates.
Most websites have dozens to hundreds of HTML errors because developers tend to limit fixes to what customers see. While web browsers are exceptionally good at rendering a page with errors, rendering across different browsers is unpredictable. Further, the parsing of SEO metadata requires far more precision to work. Maintaining clean code reduces costs because it takes less time to apply updates.
Image of e-commerce store optimizing conversion rates and adapting to meet customer demand.

Collecting Analytic Data

Converging on the best web design depends on the accuracy and completeness of the analytic data collected from the website. Filtering, enriching, and structuring information is complex. Tracking a user from landing on the website one day to making a purchase another requires programming logic and interpretation of the reports. Acting on the data without consideration of the process generates inaccurate results.
The structure of the reports tracking conversion rates depends on business goals. A simple test alters the color of a buy button and measures the click-through rate. The simplicity comes from the direct cause-effect relationship. Tracking advertising spending affects revenue requires more process analysis to generate predictable results. Different factors influence analytics. Examples include product returns, users making a purchase days later, and cancellations due to antifraud scoring. The merchant must be on top of the analytic process to make decisions confidently.

Integrating Marketing Analytics into the Website

Collecting marketing data should work well with other system requirements. Common challenges are:
  • 3rd party marketing tools must comply with the PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard).
  • There should be quality control on the website. For example, did the page load as expected, and did the data collection run without errors?
  • How easy is it to manage the marketing tool? For instance, popular products use code injection, which creates operational difficulties.
Image showing the plan, deploy, and measure cycle used to boost conversion rates.

Optimization Cycle for Continuous Success

Our optimization cycle follows a strategic approach of planning, deploying, and A/B testing changes on your website. By continuously optimizing and measuring results, we strive for incremental gains in conversion rates that exceed the cost of running tests. With our data-backed approach, you can rest assured that every modification drives conversions and improves your bottom line.

Quality of Marketing Data

Image showing the plan, deploy, and measure cycle used to boost conversion rates.
The ability to optimize marketing ROI depends on the accuracy and completeness of the collected data. The main steps are:
  • Filtering out irrelevant traffic. A significant percentage of website traffic comes from bots and nefarious probing. For example, Google bots can load the same page several times from multiple IP addresses with different browser window sizes.
  • Presenting a consistent user experience. That means pages load quickly and correctly every time with the ability to detect deviations from the specification.
  • Valuable insights can come from unexpected sources. Tracking additional details can deliver surprising insights. Examples are the language setting and geographic location of the user.

Goals of Optimization

There are many goals that optimization can seek to achieve. It takes trial and error to determine what works on a given website.

Frictionless Purchasing

Minimizing friction for the user increases the purchase rate. There are many ways to reduce friction. A few options are:
  • Visually design the page so users can quickly jump to what they want.
  • Analyze how users navigate the site to minimize the steps needed.
  • Retain card data for repurchases.
  • Use digital wallets to reduce typing.
  • Automatically select the currency based on the geographic location of the user.


Cross-selling offers shoppers merchandise related to what is in their cart, from prior purchases, and other behaviors. The correlations between products offered come from manual entry by the buyer and mining of purchase records from all users to find relationships.

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