E-Commerce Website Development

E-Commerce website development provides a backend to the website. It covers everything supporting the web design tools. The developer skill set excludes HTML and SEO but includes:

System Design

System Design Data Flow

System Administration

Data Integration

Companies integrate the website with other applications to build a more accurate, reliable, and cost-efficient business process. Standard e-commerce integrations include: E-Commerce Integration There are many ways to speed up a website's response times. The following typically have the most impact.

Performance Planning

Network Distance

The network bandwidth rarely determines download speed. Instead, it's the distance between the web browser and server. The following chart shows eighty-one percent of websites are distant from the local market for optimal performance. Then 11% are transoceanic. These pages also hang often, and search engines reduce their rank. Businesses need a global presence and should deploy stand-alone websites to multiple regions that match the location of their clients.Distance from server to home office

System Tuning

System tuning finds the fastest hardware and software configuration for the website. Best means the lowest cost configuration that provides optimal performance. Tuning depends on running load tests across multiple hardware and software deployments. Only the better developers have the skill to tune the hardware and software.

DNS Latency

DNS latency is the time taken to get the IP address for the website. It gets added to the time taken to load the total time to load a page. The average response time from a primary server is 1/4 second. The following chart shows the response time for primary DNS servers across 100,000 local companies.DNS Hosting Latency

Datacenter Connections

The number of parallel links between the internet and data center impacts the reliability and performance of network connections. Highly connected facilities make more direct connections and have more options when dealing with internet overloads, outages, and maintenance issues.

The following chart shows the number of BGP nodes directly attached to the website. BGP network routing runs the core internet routers and supports concurrency. It is not a direct measure but is indicative of the value. The following chart shows huge variations exist.Internet Backbone Connection for a Data Center

Server Hardware

Cloud environments reduce the number of variables used to select a server. Use the following metrics to ensure the provider uses quality servers.

Server Compression

Compressing, transmitting, and decompressing web connections is faster than simple transmission. Web servers can and should compress data. However, JPG and PNG files have built-in compression, and recompression has no benefit.Compress Website Payloads

Load Testing

Availability Planning

Solution Deployment

Modern clouds turned infrastructure management on its head. System administrators, network engineers, and security architects write code and follow a software development life cycle.


Monitoring reduces the time between failure and its detection. The design considerations are

Disaster Recovery

Cloud design can automatically recover from monitored events. However, design and operations management updates are the preferred fixes to prevent future occupancy.

System Redundancy