Text to Donate

Text to donate makes the act of kindness frictionless. It increases engagement because 90% of text messages get read within minutes. It benefits nonprofits by reducing the administrative costs of collecting donations for high-volume and low-dollar transactions.

Text messages used to donate

How It Works


Organizations customize the text, images, website links, and workflows to fit their branding and campaign needs. Running A/B tests on campaign variants allows them to maximize returns for each fundraising campaign. The following image shows the user requesting a fixed donation, while a more complex workflow gives the user multiple options on the amount.

Recurring Payments

Campaigns can prompt users for automated and recurring donations of varying amounts, frequency, and timing. Alternatively, donators can set up an account and respond to movements individually.

Supplemental Services

A complete solution often needs more than a donation service. Charitable foundations can augment text to donate with on-demand receipts for expense claims and tax returns. The most user-friendly solution is responding to the text message, as shown in the image below. The return comes through a secured web link, and it's possible to set up multi-factor authentication, such as sending the user a code that gets entered into the website.

Some donors wish to remain anonymous or gift in someone else's name. These and many other requirements are doable.Text to get tax receipt

Account Setup

Credit card details never go through text messages. A secure solution can do one or more of the following:

Texting Numbers

Organizations can apply for dedicated shortcodes. These are for organizations with hundreds of text messages a day. Short means the phone number has fewer than the standard number of digits. In Canada, the length is five or six. These numbers do get filtered like regular numbers. However, they must be text only and do not allow images.

Merchant Banking

There are many merchant banking options. The more reliable option is a direct relationship with the bank, not an account aggregator service. The challenge with aggregators is that other organizations' behavior impacts your account's standing. In a direct relationship, they spend time understanding the business, which lowers the risk on your account. That reduces the per transaction fee.


The text to donate services must comply with privacy regulations and protect credit card data. A secure solution follows these guidelines: