Advanced E-Commerce Solutions

Growing e-commerce revenue requires ever-increasing capabilities to differentiate your brand from the competition. That requires companies constantly boost their conversion rates and adapt the web design to land more organic search traffic. Our solutions give you the analytics engine to track marketing performance and the hyper-agility to enhance any aspect of the user experience.Demonstration of brand optimization. Buy buttons of different colors with a chart showing the conversion rate. The above chart graphically shows how data-driven marketing works for branding. Each user gets a buy button in one of the three colors. The analytics tracks the click-through rates for each one. Then the website brand inherits the most profitable option. The process works on anything from ad copy to abandon cart recovery.

The challenge with most e-commerce platforms is a 3rd party owns your branding and offers it to the competition. We guarantee you are the owner of your brand. You will have the tools and advanced technologies to bring your customers into focus and differentiate your brand.Modern cloud technologies bring the e-commerce marketing strategy into focus. Quality management is a massive challenge with e-commerce platforms. The average score assigned by Google Insights for performance is 32%. The low score correlates with many other quality issues. We guarantee solutions will score 100% because they deliver the following capabilities: Our services guarantee deliverables. You provide the content and business requirements then we will deliver as promised. Everything gets tested offline and in preproduction environments. Reporting can include marketing, fraud prevention, website performance, and more.

Advanced features depend on your needs. Options include: Bring your strategic marketing plan into focus and realize the competitive advantage of modern cloud technologies. During a 30-minute chat, we review your current technology and outline ways to meet your goals.